Here, you will find resources to inspire and empower you on your journey of erotic awakening and spiritual unfoldment. Please read below to learn more about SkyDancer’s vision, mission and values (at the bottom of the page). 

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For healing or pleasure, my private sessions offer both individuals and couples an opportunity to discover new dimensions of pleasure, passion and intimacy in their lives. 


  1. Tantra Massage

  2. Intimacy Coaching

  3. Shamanic Energy Healing

  4. Sacred Intimacy Practices


Celebrate your natural beauty and explore your sensuality in a safe, supportive environment.

For both individuals and couples, my sensual/erotic photography packages offer an opportunity for greater self love and acceptance and a deep appreciation of your own body as a unique work of art.



To help people all over the world liberate their sexual and spiritual power.  To offer exclusive, hands-on erotic wellness services for people of all ages (18+), shapes, sizes, orientations and ethnic backgrounds.  To produce and distribute INSPIRING and educational erotic art products throughout an international market.


Through SkyDancer, I envision personal and collective healing on ALL levels... heart, mind, body, soul and sexuality.  I aspire to awaken new possibilities for pleasure, passion and intimacy in relationships and bring new perspectives to the healing/ascension process, allowing for a deeper connection with life itself.

  1. “The Tantric Lounge”

  1. “The Ultimate Lover”

• “The 5 Gateways”

• “The Path of Ecstasy”



SkyDancer offers exclusive sexual healing products and services throughout greater Vancouver, BC... including:  Sensual Massage for men, women and couples, Tantra Massage for women, men and couples, Sex Education classes, Shamanic Energy Healing, Sacred Intimacy practices, Tantric Sex Workshops, Boudoir Photography and Conscious Play Parties. 

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